The Thief - Fuminori Nakamura I won this book from Goodreads First Reds giveaway.

It is a pretty short novel, and I thought there could have been more to it, like more of the thief's back story besides the one incident of him shoplifting as a kid, and his girlfriend who he flashed back to a couple times. The tower is a pretty powerful image that could perhaps have gotten more attention.

I really wanted to know more about the boy that the theif reluctantly adopts as a sidekick/apprentice. The first time we see him, with his mom when they shoplift at the grocery store, I thought he was a little kid, since it says his mom lifts him on to the seat on the back of her bike. The seat I pictured wouldn't work for a kid much past toddlerhood. Then later the kid is having rather adult conversations with the theif, and talks about his mom having sex with other men. I am always really curious about the age of kids in books, and it really helps picture them and understand their characters.

Someone else mentioned that something may have been lost in the translation, but there were a few lines of dialog that were pretty stiff. I don't know if the translator didn't try hard enough to make it sound realistic, or if it started out that way.

I would not be inclined to read anything else by this author based on this book.