MacPherson's Lament (Elizabeth MacPherson Series #7) - I liked the book and plot overall, but the one thing that really bothered be was how Elizabeth comes in as a first-person narrator half way through. The whole book up to that point is in the third person, as are all the previous MacPherson novels that I've read (4 out of 6). The I-voice coming out of nowhere is disconcerting at first, but I got used to it. I still never found it necessary, though. I guess McCrumb thought it would be easier to show Elizabeth's emotions in the first person. Her letters to Bill are in first person, but of course letters would be.

The storyline was fun in that it keeps you guessing about what the little old ladies are up to, and how the Civil War bits fit in (aha, gold!). It's too bad we don't see anymore after he's finished searching the house - it would be amusing if he required legal services after being arrested digging up the yards at Danville's other old homes.

As always, the mystery is solved due to a great deal of luck, which is highly unlikely, but amusing enough to make up for it.