Uncle Fred In The Springtime - P.G. Wodehouse I am amazed that Wodehouse finds so many reasons for young couples to break their engagements, as well as reasons for needing to raise a bit of capital. The last paragraph of this novel seems to convey a warm, fuzzy feeling, but there's really not as much to be warm and fuzzy about as in the other Wodehouses I've read. They usually end with about six weddings in the works. This one has only one that we can be relatively sure of happening - that of Polly and Ricky - and her father and his uncle are still in the dark about it. We don't know what will happen with Valerie and Horace, and poor Pongo lusts after Polly, but will not win her. Usually there is an equal number of young men and women that can all be matched up satisfactorily. I also felt like I would like to see a bit more of the pig, after her cameo appearance coming out of the bathroom and crashing through the Duke's room. Put me among the pigs!