Hating Olivia: A Love Story - Mark SaFranko Hooray, I won this book from Goodreads' First Reads Giveaway.

The title's kind of a dead giveaway as to how this novel's going to end, but I enjoyed the process of getting from the beginning to the end and seeing exactly how it would all work out. I'm sure almost everyone who reads this ends up saying something like, "For God's sake, get up off your lazy ass and get a job already." I know I did, several times throughout the book. However, that feeling of not being able to go out and face the world and do the things that need to be done is one I can identify with, just hopefully not nearly that badly.

I'll admit I'm a prude, because all the detailed descriptions of sexual acts were a bit too much for my taste.

I liked the writing itself, and the storyline in general. The whirlwind attraction followed by a more slowly growing hatred for eachother seemed familiar to me, though I can't pinpoint what book I'm thinking of. Maybe something by Jonathan Letham, which should be a compliment to the author.

The writing was polished, there were no glaring errors that I recall, unlike in the last novel I won, and the characterization is good. I can't decide if I'm annoyed or not by the psychic's prediction of 5 years of misery being correct almost exactly to the day, but I guess it works. I can't give a higher rating because this novel is so different from what I typically prefer.