Yankee Doodle Dead - Carolyn Hart I liked this one, but once again my biggest complaint is with the repitition. This time it is the "Speak Your Mind" phrases. I don't think the book needs these to tie it together, especially since there are enough other recurring themes, such as Laurel's fans with the Shakespeare quotes, and all the references to what other famous book sleuths would say or do in Annie's situation. Someone mentioned that this is the last book in the series to include enless lists of books and their authors. I, for one, am glad of that. Namely because I hardly recognize any of the books or authors, which makes me feel kind of stupid, since I read a ton of mysteries and I feel like I've been reading Agatha Christie from the cradle. We don't really need a list of what books Annie has in her window display each month, do we? These lists don't seem to me to serve any purpose other than the author showing off her knowledge of the extensive field of mystery writers. However, despite minor annoyances, I find the books entertaining and sometimes amusing. I will read the rest of the series and then move on to another one.