Breach Of Trust - David Ellis I was thrilled to win this book from the First Reads giveaway. I enjoyed the plot and kept wanting to read what Kolarich would find out next. The way the story was told and the narrator's voice kept reminding me of other novels in the legal thriller genre and of older detective stories in general. I attribute this to the fact that Kolarich kept repeating the facts he had learning and speculating about who he needed to talk to next to find out more. I had this recurring image in my head of Kolarich as a Dick Tracy type in a trench coat, walking around the dark and dangerous city streets through swirling fog. I probably wouldn't have noticed Kolarich's habit of reminding me of what I still remembered he'd found out if I hadn't read the book in two days because I was home sick. That was a minor annoyance and aside from one instance where Austin, the little boy shot by Antwain Otis, is called his mother's "daughter" (can't find the page number now, but it was near the end). That was the only mistake I found in the whole book. I was entertained throughout, and there were several times that I laughed out loud, like this one: "I'd have to wait for Patrick to scare the shit out of me again and show me where to look" (78). This isn't supposed to be a comic novel, but there was enough humor to balance the extreme seriousness and danger of the subject.