Dead Days of Summer  - Carolyn Hart I give the writing, plot and characterization a 3, but the editing a 2. That unfortunately seems to be a trend with this series. In one instance, Annie calls Vanessa's sister "Ginger" when her name is Ginny, short for Ginivieve, and another time the "e" was left off the end of "crease." I don't know why these obvious mistakes keep popping up. Maybe the editor needs to make a chart while reading to keep track of names, including middle names in some of the previous books, and maybe catch some of these silly errors. perhaps it would help the author to do this while writing, too, since someone mentioned a character having two different middle names in the span of a few pages in theie review of Yankee Doodle Dead.

I really have a hard time believing Max, and presumably Annie by extension, are still only 29 years old. Of course, I also didn't believe Annie was only 23 in the first book, Death on Demand. My suspension of disbelief refuses to accept that Annie graduated college, moved to New York to pursue and give up on an acting career, decide she needed to get away from Max, move to Broward's Rock and completely renovate her uncle's bookstore (which at first sounds like it wasn't even a store, but just a place for writers to hang out) all in the space of a year. It's hard to tell from the books, since this is only the second time out of all the novels that I've noticed either of their ages definitely mentiones, but it seems like it's been longer than six years since the start of the series, in their lives. If I'm really bored, I should go back through each one and make a chart, since the month is usually mentioned. The last four or five books have all been about six months apart, alternating between winter and summer, so it just seems like more time has passed.